My name is Daniel Berenguer and uSAPIENS is the name of my private company, established in 2004.

I am Automatics & Electronics Engineer providing independent services for the Building Automation industry and for manufacturers of electrical and security devices.

My experience in very different areas (building automation, manufacturing industry, energy, automotive, marine, etc) gives me a special point of view that results in the achievement of high quality projects. This is something that my customers really appreciate as they often feel themselves excessively conditioned by the nature of their traditional markets.

These are some the areas where I can help your company:
  • Design of wireless sensors for environmental monitoring applications.
  • Development and manufacturing of embedded web controllers
  • Development of Smart Grid solutions and metering products
  • Conception of Home Automation products
  • Integration of communication protocols for buildings, homes and industrial plants
  • Integration of third-party solutions into more complete systems (security, lighting control, HVAC, multimedia, etc)
  • Design of hardware/software architectures
  • Technical assistance in R&D projects, trainings and project management within the above areas
My work site is located in Spain but most of my projects are carried out for international companies without R&D offices in my country. Thanks to Internet and the enormous amount of communication resources that the net provides for us technical people, there is no extra cost for my customers wherever they are.

Besides my activity as freelance consultant, I'm currently developing a new open source project called panStamp. panStamps are small Arduino-based wireless boards running a very lightweight stack with a custom protocol called SWAP. You can follow my developments on this blog.

I am also the creator and maintainer of the OPNODE project. OPNODE is an open source initiative to develop and manufacture low cost devices for home and building automation systems. My Open Source designs can be found at where you can also purchase opnode devices.

I invite you to contact me in order to discuss your projects and ideas. It's always a pleasure for me to receive the trust from companies even if no project is started after that.

Contact details

e-mail address:
  Skype account: estratosapiens

Office phone: +34961588664
Cellular phone: +34691124275

Some of my projects

  • Development of residential IP gateways under Linux for embedded 32-bit platforms
  • Energy loggers and online chart utilities
  • Environmental sensors with CAN, RS485 (Modbus), RF (6LowPan, CC11XX) and 1-Wire communication interfaces
  • Development of actuators in architectural lighting applications
  • Design of touch screen interfaces for the home
  • Integration of RFID solutions in buildings
  • Use of Linux and Open Source techniques in Building Automation systems
  • Remote monitoring of energy consumptions and productions

panStamp project

panStamp is an open source initiative aimed to develop small wireless Arduino boards. In order to simplfy the adoption of these boards by new developers, a new Arduino library has been developed with all the necessary resources to make the boards work and communicate easily and fast.

Program your wireless board from the Arduino IDE. Communicate with other panStamps without having to deal with RX/TX procedures and protocol details.

OPNODE project

OPNODE ("open node") was created with the intention of providing open low cost products for the Home Automation community. This project is now formed by a family of xAP Web controllers, sensors and 1-Wire devices.

The xAP controllers (opnodes) are examples of well-balanced devices, providing an important amount of features at a very low consumption of resources.